Meet Our Leadership Team

Robert Cavanaugh, Wine Educator and Marketing Director

Adventure Wine founder Robert Cavanaugh is an award-winning wine educator who has hosted tours and seminars in over a dozen countries throughout the world. His humorous, down-to-earth approach makes wine tasting and education enjoyable for all levels of knowledge. He holds certifications from The Wine and Spirits Education Trust of London (WSET)The Court of Master Sommeliers and Le Conseil Interprofessionnel du Vin de Bordeaux as part of the prestigious International Bordeaux Ambassador program.

Robert’s professional experience includes executive positions with many respected On- and Off-Premise chains. He was a Wine Buyer and Category Manager for Total Wine & More at their corporate offices, a former Director of Beverage for Ritz-Carlton Hotels in New York City and Palm Beach, and a Corporate Buyer for Marriott International at their world headquarters. His primary role is developing relationships between global wine regions by matching them to Adventure Wine’s expansive retail, hotel and restaurant chain partners. Robert develops In-Store Tasting programs, Staff Trainings, Consumer Seminars and other special events designed to increase market position for the wine groups and strengthen sales for the chain accounts. He is also a nationally-certified TIPS® Trainer for On- and Off-Premise accounts, and may be contacted at

Lindsey Parris, Wine Educator and Strategic Planning

Lindsey discovered ‘Life as a Cabernet’ upon sampling his first Bordeaux Grand Cru in a Saigon bistro, and has been an avid wine enthusiast ever since. A retired business economist and Colonel in the United States Air Force, Lindsey has advanced degrees from Florida State University and Harvard University, as well as being the co-author of Corrupt Cities, now in its 8th language translation.

Lindsey holds intermediate and advanced-level certifications from the Wine & Spirits Education Trust, and works with Adventure Wine helping global wine regions develop strategic planning and promotions with Adventure Wine’s On- and Off-Premise chain accounts partners. He is also an extremely popular speaker, sharing his knowledge of wines at Staff Trainings and Consumer events.

Mike Tibodeau, Marketing Specialist

A communications consultant by day, Mike Tibodeau turns Wine Detective at night, specializing in finding the best values in wine for consumers and trade accounts. If there’s a $10 bottle of wine that truly tastes like a $30 bottle, Mike will find it and he’s quick to share that information at Adventure Wine promotions such as Consumer Events and In-Store Tasting programs.

Mike also helps organize Adventure Wine’s marketing teams in various cities such as Boston, New York City, Washington DC, Atlantic City, North Carolina and Florida, and has an active role in expanding Adventure Wine into new markets and new relationships with chain accounts.

Jackie Ducci, Marketing & Event Planner

Jackie discovered her passion for event planning as a student at The Catholic University of America in Washington DC and currently works with a wide array of social, corporate, and fundraising event clients.

Some of her corporate experiences include: Habitat for Humanity, the Kansas Republican Party, Tsunami REACH, and several Chambers of Commerce and university groups. Her assistance is invaluable in planning trade events.